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Exton, Pennsylvania 19341


In the United Church of Christ we believe that all the people are called to be ministers, which means that all people are given gifts for service and leadership.  This belief is reflected in our structure, in which a council of laypersons called the Consistory serves as the deliberative body of the congregation.  The Consistory is comprised of the three church boards, whose members are elected to serve three-year terms.  

The following persons are currently serving on our Consistory:

Board of Elders

Mary Lou Esposito
Nancy Greger (chair)
Nicole Miller
Fran Pluchino
Mary Raudenbush
Sue Shoop (Consistory President 2021)


Board of Deacons

Linda Davis
Liz Dickinson
Marcy Hessinger
Andrew Olcese (chair)
Ron Trimble
Becky VanderMeulen


Board of Trustees

Stephanie Esposito-Olcese (chair)
Louis Franconi
Sassan Hejazi
John Lombardo
Melanie McCausland
Rob Tochterman