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D is for Darkness

D is for Darkness

A note from Lauren Alexandro, the author of today's devotions (poems below):

Since mid-March, I've found myself writing the phrase "during these dark times" in several emails. Mercifully it is often followed by "you are a bright light". I'm thankful for all the ways the darkness around me is eased. I'm also thankful for all the good things about darkness. Not the tragic, dismal darkness I fear we've all grown familiar with. I'm talking about the comforting, soothing darkness. The darkness where we can't see our flaws. The darkness where we can rest. Below I offer you a few poems about this sweet, sweet darkness.

I wish you comfort in the darkness and peace always.


Lauren Alexandro


"Turn Out the Light"
I am afraid of the dark, but safe in bed.
Teeth brushed, pillows fluffed, blankets piled.
Porch light off.
Hall light off.
Curtains drawn.
Bedside lamp, click.
It is dark,
safe, and
I am afraid of the dark, but safe in bed.



"In the Beginning"
When I was a child
I discovered a book
in the Church Library
It told the story of creation
In the beginning
there was nothing
There was only God

The book showed the nothing
Two big pages, black and empty
In this darkness was the tiny word

When I was a child
I thought about God
alone in darkness
God said
Let there be light
And there was light

The book never mentioned it
but God must have loved the
Because as soon as there was light
God brought darkness back
And there was night


"D is for Darkness"

Blow out the candle,
let the dancing shadows fade.
The days grow short,
the nights long and cold.
The Christmas music plays,
We dance the night away.