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S is for Sufficient

Today's devotion is written by Nancy Greger:

S is for Sufficient

One of my favorite game shows is “Wheel of Fortune”. Not surprisingly, the letter “S” is usually called as one of the first guesses to any puzzle. According to the internet, there are 75,000 words that begin with the letter “S”. I take information from any website with a large grain of salt, but I think it’s reasonable to say I had no lack of choices for my topic.

I went from the very lowly Stable to the Shining Star, from a Savior born to a Scrooge redeemed. From the Simple to the Significant, a Season of Selflessness, Sentimental memories, and happy Surprises. There were so many wonderful possibilities! Christmas is a lot like that, it’s often a season of choices from an abundance of possibilities. From the selection of the perfect gift for a friend or family member, to the types of cookies, and the perfection of the Christmas tree, each decision is carefully considered. Excess in so many ways tends to be the norm. If you can’t decide just do both!

The first Christmas was far simpler. Mary and Joseph on their arrival in Bethlehem would have liked a room at the inn but instead they had to settle for warm and dry shelter in a stable. It wasn’t ideal and certainly far from perfect, but it was sufficient. For all of us, this is without a doubt, a year with less choices, less rush, less events. But still Christmas will come. I hope that like Mary and Joseph, you each find your Christmas to have blessings in sufficient measure.

-Nancy Greger

*The background illustration is from the 1906 edition of "Nouveau Larousse illustré : dictionnaire universel encycloedique" by Pierre Larousse (1817-1875) and Claude Augé (1854-1924).