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What is Stewardship?

Stewardship is an important part of the Christian faith, inviting us to understand our whole lives in relation to the gifts with which God has entrusted us.  How can we use our gifts wisely?  How can our sharing and giving become a means of blessing the world in Christ's name?  How can we fulfill our Christian calling to be bearers of divine grace?  In the local church, we join together to undertake missions that none of us could do alone.  These missions depend on the generosity of our members in sharing their treasure, time, and talents in the life and work that we share together.  This, in a nutshell, is what stewardship is all about. 

The following stewardship video was created in February 2021 using photos from our life and mission, past and present.  Below the video, we've included a link to a PDF document that answers some frequently asked questions about the ministry of stewardship, in addition to a pledge card that can be printed out or scanned for those who are moved to respond to our stewardship appeal.  

Thank you for sharing in our ministry!

Click here to view/download our Stewardship FAQ with pledge cards.